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is a real "ritual".

Distillation is done in exactly the same way as the creator of Panagiotis Vantanas, as he left it from generation to generation, in small, handmade bronze stills, with a unique heat flow around the cauldron that are the only traditional way of production and are made from then until today by the same copperworks family that the Vantana distillery cooperates with. This is not just a coincidence, as a built-in distilling instalation provides a better quality distillate.

This ensures the excellent quality of the distillate and unmistakably its authentic character.

The heads and tails of the distillate - the first and the last part of the distillate - are discarded to leave only the central part, the "heart", which is the best and most delicious part of the distillate.

Each distillation depending on the product can last up to 12 hours because, as they typically say, "the slower it gets, the better the distillate we have." Thus, a high quality result is achieved, ideal aromatic and tasty balance as well as soft and refined texture.

Tradition and Passion
in distillation & spirits

Keeping faithfully to the three-generation tradition on the processes and techniques of distillation, with the rigorous selection of top quality raw materials and keeping an eye on today's trends, the company is developing, supplying its products with its excellent packaging in Greece and abroad.